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Let the industrial keyboard open the door to smart manufacturing

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., it has gradually merged with the innovation of industrial new materials, new processes, new energy, advanced manufacturing and other innovations. It has triggered profound changes in manufacturing R&D, manufacturing, industrial form and business model. A series of new production methods, organization methods and business models are emerging, and promote the intelligent transformation of the global industrial system. Intelligent manufacturing is rapidly developing on a global scale and has become an important development trend in the manufacturing industry.
      For a long time, China's manufacturing industry has mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end sectors, and the industry's added value is low. The development of intelligent manufacturing has become an important way to realize the transformation of China's manufacturing industry from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing. It can be said that the development of intelligent manufacturing is not only an inherent requirement for realizing the upgrading of manufacturing industry, but also a realistic need to reshape the new advantages of manufacturing.
      Faced with the challenges and calls of the times, in the face of the application scenes such as touch screens and flexible screens, where is the way out for industrial keyboards? Can you enter the smart field? Can you meet the challenge of smart manufacturing? There is no ready-made answer, and there is no model to follow. The way out lies in exploration and innovation. The way out is how to integrate into the whole machine manufacturing package, as one scholar said in a speech: "There is no so-called traditional industry, there is no such thing. Some of the emerging industries, whether you can keep up with the pace of change in this era, and continue to self-revolution."
      We are delighted to see that in recent years, industrial keyboards have gradually entered and widely used in the intelligent manufacturing of mechanical, aerospace, marine, automotive, light industry, textile, electronics and other industries, such as Jingdong unmanned delivery Car, drone operating table, Midea company community shared refrigerator, self-service car washing machine, explosion-proof box, high-speed rail debugging glass transparency, building access control, smart trash can, smart garbage truck, underground coal mine operation countertop, fuel dispenser, medical equipment, securities Hall self-service robots, intelligent elevator buttons, spray operation training simulators, portable automatic pressure calibration tables, etc., prove that the industrial keyboard has a long-lasting and vigorous vitality due to its durability and durability. At the same time, we must also clearly understand that if our thinking is limited to the industrial keyboard has entered the field of intelligent manufacturing, just satisfied with the manufacturer of a supporting component as a smart manufacturing, we will be difficult to become bigger and stronger. We should realize that smart manufacturing is the whole process of manufacturing the intelligent manufacturing technology through the design, production, management and service of the product, including not only the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, but also the intelligent manufacturing service industry. Only when the industrial keyboard enters the intelligent field as the entry point and foundation, and becomes a subsystem of the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, it is possible to develop a blue ocean for the development of industrial keyboards.
      We should explore how to enter the intelligent manufacturing field through the industrial keyboard as an opportunity to develop system integration with intelligent manufacturing services as the guide, to support the development of software and hardware, and to make intelligent manufacturing reduce labor costs and improve product quality. The main means and throughout the entire industrial upgrading process. Relying on the large e-commerce platform, the network is used as the link to realize the interconnection of people, machines and things, and gradually develop into an intelligent manufacturing system service integrator with the overall design capability and solution provision capability, and become the solution design and equipment procurement. Professional organization for equipment development, installation and maintenance and other ancillary services. This is the development vision of Davao Electronics, and the dream of every Davao. "The road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down!"


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