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Mobile phone accessories precautions

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In the charging process of the mobile phone battery, it should be noted that the output voltage of the power supply must be within the specified range, otherwise the charging function cannot be realized.
When using the data cable, be careful that the relay connector must match, otherwise the corresponding function will not be realized.
The relevant mobile phone accessories must be placed in a dry environment. Rain, moisture, and various liquids or moisture can corrode electronic components and devices.
When purchasing mobile phone accessories, it is best to buy them from the authorized store (cabinet) authorized by the manufacturer. This guarantees the purchase of genuine original accessories, so that the mobile phone can be used safely and normally. Because of the casual selection, the mobile phone may not reach the best use state, and even severely affect its normal use. Secondly, it may cause damage to the mobile phone or battery and shorten its service life.
In order to purchase the mobile phone film, in addition to the material, you must also understand the wear resistance, transparency and viscosity of the film. Professional mobile phone film people said that the transparency of the protective film is the most important factor.
Wear resistance: The mobile phone film is used to protect the screen, so its own wear resistance must be high. Especially for some mobile phones with handwriting input, the wear resistance of the film is more important. In general, the higher the abrasion resistance of the mobile phone film, the higher the smoothness.
Transmittance: A poorly transmissive mobile phone film can damage the eyes. Under normal circumstances, the illuminance of the mobile phone screen itself is already very low, and sticking a film will increase eye fatigue. The transmittance of a high-quality mobile phone film is about 95%, while the inferior quality is below 80%.
Easy to stick: The high-quality film can be automatically pasted without being prone to bubbles when the surface of the screen is clean. More importantly, the high-quality film is mostly electrostatically pasted, and it can be used repeatedly or even washed without applying glue. The general inferior film has glue on the back, and it can never be used repeatedly, not to mention washing.

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