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The energy standard of household appliances is getting stricter. The threshold of hardware accessories will increase.

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   In 2011, it was a difficult and struggling year for small and micro hardware companies. The risks of three highs, two highs, and closed tides may be overwhelmed at any time. However, the Ministry of Finance and Development Committee jointly issued the section on exempting small and micro enterprises. Notice of Administrative Fees, which will be implemented from 2012. The notice proposes that the administrative fees, such as management, registration and licenses, of small enterprises will be exempted, and a total of 13 items of 22 items will be charged. This is undoubtedly for the overloaded small and micro hardware companies. It is a matter of charity in the snow, but the author believes that for the 2012 home appliance hardware accessories enterprise, the energy efficiency cost factor will still become the development of the industry in 2012.
Artificial raw materials are bullish on the current copper and aluminum disputes
Since mid-December 2011, international copper prices have hit record highs after breaking through $9,000/ton. Shanghai futures market data show that copper prices rose by 32% within half a year. In the first three quarters of 2011, the average price of iron ore increased by 289 yuan/ton compared with the same period of 2010, which is equivalent to an increase of 462 yuan/ton for the average iron ore cost per ton of steel. The continuous rise in steel prices continued into the first quarter of 2012. In order to control inflation, China has repeatedly raised interest rates in the past year. The slowdown in China's economic growth has also caused steel production to fall, and iron ore prices have been under pressure.
In 2012, the labor shortage was still severe, and serious shortages occurred in coastal areas and inland areas. The hardware industry, which is mainly labor-intensive, was the most prominent. On February 8, the National Development and Reform Commission again issued a notice to increase the price of gasoline and diesel by 300 yuan per ton from 0:00 on February 8. It is estimated that the retail price of No. 90 gasoline and No. 0 diesel (national average) will increase per liter. 0.22 yuan and 0.26 yuan. It is understood that oil prices account for one-third of the logistics costs of hardware companies, and hardware companies spend a lot of money on the cost of logistics. Therefore, the increase in oil prices has a great impact on the logistics and transportation of hardware companies. The rising labor costs of raw materials are undoubtedly a pain in the industry for hardware companies.
Downstream of hardware companies, the battle for copper and aluminum in air conditioner evaporators has been a sensitive topic. It is understood that the use of air conditioner evaporator fins is the core component of the internal heat transfer of air conditioners. Wang Xiyang, assistant to the president of Zhigao Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., once said that if the fins use all copper, the performance will be stable and long-term. Keep the surface clean and inhibit bacterial growth, and the long-term use of energy-saving effects will also be highlighted. However, it should not be overlooked that copper-based aluminum will increase costs. In January 2011, copper prices soared by 40%, and nearly half of the profits of air-conditioning companies also evaporated. However, under the pressure of cost, aluminum-based copper has become a hidden rule for many air-conditioning enterprises to save costs. It is secretly replacing copper-based air-conditioning connecting pipes with cheaper aluminum materials. In addition, copper is a scarce resource, and the call for replacing copper with new materials is more The higher the amount, the more the aluminum substitution effect is still controversial. It is understood that Zhigao's new copper fin air conditioner is 600-800 yuan more expensive than ordinary aluminum fin air conditioner.
Home appliance energy standards are getting stricter
In recent years, carbon tariff carbon labels have created new green barriers in trade. Under the trend of global warming, emission reduction awareness has spread throughout the world, and the heat of low-carbon appliances continues to heat up. However, the rapid growth of the domestic hardware industry economy is at the expense of resource waste, energy waste, and environmental pollution, and is an extensive economic growth mode. Although China's hardware products have developed over the past decade, some enterprises have gradually formed a series of serialization, standardization and brand management. Compared with the domestically low quality production standards, not all hardware companies are in the face of international standards. It can quickly break through, hardware and home appliance parts to produce finished products meet the export specifications, and the production supporting pressure naturally increases a lot.
According to incomplete statistics, up to now, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have published nearly 20,000 international standards, including a large proportion of green standards related to safety, energy conservation and environmental protection.
France, Germany, Britain and other countries have adopted international standards as the trump card for entering the international market. Nordic countries and other countries have adopted almost no amendments to directly adopt international standards as market entry criteria. The US attitude toward the adoption of international standards has also changed from cold to active. Even developing countries are increasingly interested in international standards. For example, the United States has comprehensively revised and strengthened the ENERGY STAR program certification requirements. Currently, the ENERGY STAR label is applicable to more than 40 types of products. In addition, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates and other countries have also released energy efficiency products. Standards, regulations or drafts. Many developing countries have followed the development of various energy efficiency standards and regulations in developed countries. Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Israel have recently issued energy efficiency regulations. On February 3, 2011, the amendment to the WEEE Directive adopted by the European Parliament will increase the target of recycling products for member states and increase the recycling costs of producers (EU importers and manufacturers).

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